Tips To Loose Weight

  1. Better Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So take your breakfast like a king which helps to start your day in a better way and you don’t feel starve whole day long. Try food items that contain proteins and filling fat, you can take 400 to 500 calories in a breakfast.
  2. Limited Salt: Use a limited amount of salt in food and when it comes to buying snacks choose low sodium products.
  3.  Cup of Joe: Start your day with a cup of coffee as it contains caffeine which is an excellent source of antioxidants that prevents the cell from damage. If don’t like coffee try herbal tea.
  4. Skip sugar beverages: When it comes to packed items, avoid it, intake real and fresh juices as compressed juices and soda contain a large amount of sugar.
  5. Sleep: It sound funny but sleeping duration less than 7 hours reduce metabolism rate and when you wake up you feel more hungry comparatively. So take proper sleep.
  6. Take a walk: Make a habit of a walk at least 30 to 40 min walk in a straight path instead of circular rounds. It helps you to feel fresh and healthy and increase your metabolism rate.


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