5 Ways To Cope Up With Stress

Woman practicing yoga at sunrise near the ocean

Stress is normal physical response in the situations when we feel upset, hurt, tensions of future, anxiety or any event that makes us uncomfortable but in today’s time even the children takes stress so much and goes in depression. So here are some easy ways to handle the stress:

  1. Exercise: You believe or not daily exercise really helps you a lot. It increases the metabolism and fit body keeps your mind healthy and positive.
  2. Meditation: To get over the depression the most important thing to reach the root of the problem and meditation helps to calm your mind to understand the root cause & you can get your solutions.
  3. Healthy Diet: Include green and leafy vegetable, dry fruits and juices of fresh fruits in your diet which helps to reduce blood pressure, boosts the immunity and ultimately reduces stress.
  4. Engage yourself: Spend25-30 minutes in the activities which caters you happiness and you feel relax. Listen songs or write or talk to friends or just go out and take a long walk.
  5. Sleep: Sometimes stress can be due to less hours of sleeping and you can’t tackle your problems because your mind is tired. So take at least 7-8 hours of sleep in a day.
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