Natural Ways To keep Your Home Super-Cool This Summer

  1. Open Windows After Sunset: Leave few windows after sunset so that cooler night air blows throughout the evening. You can also open the kitchen cabinets and internal doors open for some time in the evening so that the heat trap in the day time blows off.
  2. Handle your appliances: Incandescent lights releases more heat as compared to led so switch to led or fluorescents.  Don’t keep your refrigerator open for a long time as it motor works harder to maintain the balance and release a large amount of heat.
  3. Use white cover beds: White or light color fabric reflects heat instead of absorbing it so you can use white fabric to cover your bed and sofas.
  4. Smart Landscaping: Strategically plant shrubs and vines or shady plants on the east and west side of your home which blocks the sun rays and keeps home cooler.
  5. Roof: Paint your roof with white color as humidity is the real villain in the scorching summers and white is the best reflector and provides the insulation from the heat.
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