Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Dear Friends do not waste time

Dear Friends do not waste time

Dear Friends, instead of wasting time on love , work hard for the future, so that your parents don't need to work.

Thought of the Day

Don't Stress Yourself With Useless People Who Don't Deserve To Be An Issue In Your Life
Funny Life Quotes

Funny Life Quotes

I have 5 fingers for a reason -> To show the world I'm gonna be okay -> To pick out my dearest family members -> For those...

Thought of the Day

Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful without needing someone to tell you

Learn From Mistakes

Instead Of Falling Out For Mistakes, Learn From Mistakes and Stay Focussed

Focus On Our Work

One day a person ask someone, weren't you afraid that someone could copy your business idea.. He Replied..He was so busy that he didn't get...

Never Give Up In Life To Succeed

They did and now what have become.. Narendra Modi : Tea Salesman to Prime Minister. Abdul Kalam : Sold Newspaper to Missile Man. M.S Dhoni : Railway...

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